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By Konrad Heiden

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It is the duty of the State to help raise the standard of the nation’s health by providing maternity welfare centres, by prohibiting juvenile labour, by increasing physical fitness through the introduction of compulsory games and gymnastics, and by the greatest possible encouragement of all associations concerned with the physical education of the young. “22. We demand the abolition of the professional army and the formation of a national army. “23. We demand that legal action be taken against those who propagate what they know to be political lies and disseminate them Downloaded by [INFLIBNET Centre] at 08:49 29 August 2012 The Origins of National Socialism 17 by means of the Press.

The first duty of every citizen shall be to work mentally or physically. No individual shall carry on any work that is deleterious to the community, but shall contribute to the benefit of all. “Hence we demand: “11. That all unearned incomes shall be abolished, BREAKING THE BONDAGE OF INTEREST “12. In consideration of the tremendous sacrifices of property and life which every war imposes upon the people, all personal gains resulting from war must be regarded as treason to the nation. We therefore demand that the returns from all war-profiteering shall be forfeited down to the last farthing.

But the National Socialist German Workers Party decided to make itself responsible for the venture. What a change had taken place in only fifteen months! The unknown corporal, the Party orator with thirty followers and a typewriter, had become owner of a newspaper. True it was only a weekly paper, but none the less it was the same organ in which a year and a quarter earlier Hitler had tentatively inserted a notice; the same paper that had given twenty lines to his speeches, and had often enough twitted him enviously, was now his property.

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