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By Daniel W. Cunningham

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The publication is meant for college students who are looking to turn out theorems and be larger ready for the trials required in additional develop arithmetic. one of many key parts during this textbook is the advance of a strategy to put naked the constitution underpinning the development of an evidence, a lot as diagramming a sentence lays naked its grammatical constitution. Diagramming an evidence is a fashion of proposing the relationships among a few of the components of an explanation. an evidence diagram offers a device for exhibiting scholars find out how to write right mathematical proofs.

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100} and conclude that ∀x(x < 5 → x2 < 25) is false in the universe A. Suppose that a variable x appears in a logical formula P(x). In the statements ∀xP(x) and ∃xP(x), we will say that x is a bound variable and that x is bound by a quantifier. In other words, if a variable in a logical formula is immediately used by a quantifier, then that variable is referred to as a bound variable. If a variable in a statement is not bound by a quantifier then we shall say that the variable is a free variable.

X ∈ R : x > 0 and x3 < p q and Suppose p q r s 16 x }. be rational numbers where p, q, r, s are integers and q, s are nonzero. = rs . 3, show that 2p+q 2q = 2r+s 2s . 2 Quantifiers Given a statement P(x), which says something about the variable x, we want to express the fact that every element x in the universe makes P(x) true. In addition, we may want to express the fact that at least one element x in the universe makes P(x) true. To do this, we will form sentences using the quantifiers ∀ and ∃.

Then 1. {z ∈ U : z2 = 9} = {−3, 3}. 2. {z ∈ U : z2 ≤ 16} = {−3, −4, 0, −1, −2, 1, 2, 4, 3}. 3. {x ∈ U : x2 > 225} = {16, −16, −20, −19, −18, −17, 19, 20, 18, 17}. 3 Important Sets in Mathematics The reader should be familiar with the natural numbers, the integers, and the real numbers. In elementary algebra, we learned many properties about the real numbers, including the commutative and associative laws for multiplication and addition. You may have also learned that when a real number can be expressed as the ratio of two integers, then it is called a rational number.

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A Logical Introduction to Proof by Daniel W. Cunningham

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