Carl-Herman Hempen's A Materia Medica for Chinese Medicine: plants, minerals and PDF

By Carl-Herman Hempen

ISBN-10: 0443100942

ISBN-13: 9780443100949

Phytotherapy or natural medication is crucial treatment inside chinese language medication and is getting used more and more within the West.  A Materia Medica for chinese language drugs: crops, minerals and animal items describes four hundred of an important vegetation, minerals and animal ingredients used as remedies by means of chinese language scientific practitioners.  The goods incorporated were chosen based on their measure of scientific relevance. every one therapy is obviously defined and illustrated on dealing with pages, making this an simply available reference for either scholars and practitioners of chinese language natural medicine.  The essentially laid out textual content provides the next info for every herb or substance integrated: an in depth description of the attribute positive factors indictions for secure use medicinal and poisonous results attainable mixtures with different elements full-colour illustrations, usually for every substance, exhibiting the precise characterisitcs of the thing defined A Materia Medica for chinese language medication has been written by way of medically informed medical professionals who've labored as TCM therapists focusing on using chinese language herbs for greater than 30 years.  according to their decades of training and perform, the ebook has been conscientiously compiled and designed to supply a concise and actual practice-based reference for either scholars and practitioners.

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278, Eupatorii herba (pei lan) p. 288 • Postpartum external wind attack ➔ Angelicae sinensis radix (dang gui) p. 768, Chuanxiong rhizoma (chuan xiong) p. 530, • Acute cough ➔ Menthae herba (bo he) p. 60, Platycodi radix (jie geng) p. 636, Glycyrrhizae radix (gan cao) p. 716 • Early stages of measles ➔ Menthae herba (bo he) p. 60, Arctii fructus (niu bang zi) p. 48, Cicadae periostracum (chan tui) p. 54 • Itchy rashes ➔ Saposhnikoviae radix (fang feng) p. 42 Contraindications internal wind, open sores, full-blown measles Pregnancy use is allowed 45 I Zingiberis rhizoma recens Sheng jiang Family: Standard species: Variations: German: English: Zingiberaceae Zingiber officinale Zingiberis officinalis rhizoma recens, Zingiberis viridis rhizoma frische Ingwerwurzel fresh ginger rhizome Temperature  warm tendency Taste  pungent Organ relationship    Lung Spleen Stomach Direction of action  descending Site of action Upper and middle burner Actions/Indications  Releases the exterior Mild colds  Dispels cold Mild colds, coughing, wind-cold  Transforms cold phlegm Bronchial phlegm due to wind-cold, cough, cold in the Stomach with phlegm  Calms vomiting Cold in the middle burner, weak digestion, nausea  Stops coughing Cough with sputum, thin, light-coloured phlegm caused by wind-cold  Detoxifies and disinfects Vomiting, diarrhoea, digestive disorders caused by spoiled food such as fish, shrimp, etc.

780, Paeoniae radix lactiflora (bai shao) p. 776, Antelopis cornu (ling yang jiao) • Poor wound healing, toxic swellings ➔ Lonicerae flos (jin yin hua) p. 216 • Purulent sores, boils ➔ Violae herba (zi hua di ding) p. 254, Taraxaci herba (pu gong ying) p. 250 Compatibility enhanced by Atractylodis rhizoma (cang zhu) p. 286, Mori cortex (sang bai pi) p. 674, Lycii fructus (gou qi zi) p. 800, Isatidis folium (da qing ye) p. 162 Contraindications Spleen qi deficiency, lack of appetite, diarrhoea Pregnancy use is allowed 53 I Cicadae periostracum Chan tui Zoological name: German: English: Cryptotympana atrata, C.

Heterotropoides, etc. Asari radix Hazelwurzwurzel, wilde Ingwerwurzel Chinese wild ginger, asarum, ‘thin acrid’ Temperature Signal herb  warm Kidney main channel Taste Direction of action    pungent aromatic Organ relationship      Lung Heart Liver Kidney Spleen lifting Site of action Interior, head and eyes, surface Actions/Indications Opens the exterior Headaches, nasal congestion, runny nose, chills, fever, no sweating  Expels wind-cold Headache, chills, fever, no sweating, sinusitis, rhinitis  Dispels wind-damp Nasal congestion, aches, joint pain, cough, viscous sputum  Transforms cold phlegm Phlegm accumulation, cough, watery sputum  Relieves pain Headache, body aches, joint pain, pain in the chest due to qi stagnation, blockages, rheumatic complaints  Expels cold Body aches, joint pain, headaches, productive cough, blockages, pain due to cold, old chronic pain deep in the bones  Blockages due to damp Rheumatoid pain, joint pain, pain in the bones  Dispels wind Old wind injuries, old blockages due to wind, dispels wind from deep-lying tissues  Physiological/pharmacological effects antibiotic effect shown in vitro.

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