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A key reference paintings for a all who're learning Christian ethics.

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The monasteries would also appoint almoners, but though it should have been possible for them to develop into something like social workers, this did not happen. Almsgiving was an essential part of the social system, and many would have starved to death without the alms that were given to them. Almsgiving suffered from three defects: (1) it created in many a monetary calculus of virtue, (2) it created a relationship of subordination and superordination between people, (3) it resulted in the growth of professional begging.

For the Church of England, see "A Table of Kindred and Affinity" in the Book of Common Prayer. See Marriage. JOHN MACQUARRIE Affirmation A solemn declaration of truth, made before a magistrate or other officer. It is equivalent to an oath, and may be made by those who have conscientious objections to oaths (cf. Matt. 5:34). The right to affirm was originally provided for Quakers, but has been extended to other groups, including atheists. See Oaths. JOHN MACQUARRIE Affluence see Mammon; Poverty; Wealth Afro-American Religious Ethics Afro-American religious ethics has been developed by Americans of African descent.

71:9-10; Ecclus. [Sirach] 3:12-16; 41:2). , Ecclus. 33:20-21). At the same time, they enjoin respect and care for parents (Ex. 20: 12; Deut. 5:16; Ecclus. 3:1-18). "Honor your father and your mother. " The command of the Decalogue* "Honor* your father and your mother" requires a reverence* akin to religious awe. The analogy 14 Aged, Care of the between the parent-child relationship and the bond between Yahweh and Israel is a commonplace, especially in the prophets. 101), and by Karl Barth's designation of parents as "the ambassadors of God" (Church Dogmatics III/4, ET 1961, p.

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