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By C. W. Rose, W. Ashhurst and H. T. Flint (Auth.)

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In poor electrical conductors, heat transfer by thermal conduction is ascribed to net molecular exchange of kinetic energy, which takes place from the more energetic molecules (hotter regions) to those cooler regions where the molecular motion is less energetic. Heat flow thus takes place in the direction of decreasing temperature, perpendicular to surfaces at a particular temperature. FIG. 11. One-dimensional heat conduction. If such surfaces are planes, then heat flow is said to be "linear" or one-dimensional, and is illustrated in Fig.

The value of such variables at any surface are therefore extremely difficult to measure instrumentally. The vastly increased mixing in turbulent flow compared with that in laminar flow means the shearing stresses due to turbulent eddy transfer of momentum, called eddy shearing stresses, are usually so much greater than purely viscous stresses that the Laminar Transition Turbulent FIG. 19. Laminar boundary layer, undergoing transition to turbulent condition. ) latter can be ignored. With regard to the mechanism of net momentum transfer in turbulent flow which takes the place of the molecular transport in laminar flow, consider a steady but turbulent air flow along the ground surface, maintained against the retarding effect of friction at the ground surface.

Roughly, the term "conservative" is applied in meteorology to any property of an air mass which remains constant when the air mass undergoes some process. ) The magnitude of this flux at height z (FZi Fig. 9) would be equal to F0 if the horizontal fluxes of the same quantity, Ho and Hi (due to the wind) were also equal. For Ho and H± to be identical, flux F0 must be constant for the ground surface upwind of the element under consideration, and windspeed must be constant. The more important consideration is that if F0 is not constant for a sufficient distance upwind, the gradient influxH will be of sufficient magnitude that (Hi - Ho) is not negligible compared with F0.

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