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Presents a complete advent to the explosion of data that has develop into to be had within the box of aluminum extrusion expertise over the past fifteen or two decades. DLC: Aluminum--Extrusion.

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3 in. (109 mm) diameter commercially pure lead billet at room temperature. It is assumed that the dead-metal zone surface is straight conical. qf has one component, qf cos α, acting in the radial direction, and another component, qf sin α, acting in the axial direction, where α is the semidead-metal zone angle. Heat Generation Due to Die Bearing-Material Interface Friction. In the case of sliding friction, the frictional heat flux per unit area per unit time is given by: qf = τ f VE J (Eq 11) 36 / Aluminum Extrusion Technology where friction stress, τf, will be calculated by using Eq 14 in Chapter 1.

The system does require certain holding time to reach the thermocouple to read the steady-state temperature. A low holding time means a higher resolution of the system. It should also be made certain that the proper probe material is being used to measure the aluminum surface temperature. Another limitation of this type of thermometer is that the system can read properly only when the extrusion is stopped, or the extrusion is moving with a very slow speed. Besides the operational limitations, the system is a discontinuous type that is not appropriate to record the temperature profile of the extrusion from the start to the end of extrusion.

4 Two different configurations of five adjacent points used in numerical calculation Thermodynamics in Extrusion / 35 Heat Generation Due to Billet-Container Interface Friction. It is assumed that shearing will occur along the entire boundary of the billet. In actual practice, during upsetting, the entire billet comes in full contact with the container bore under high pressure before actual extrusion starts. Frictional heat flux per unit area per unit time is given by: qf = –V σ (Eq 8) 3J where V is the speed of the material at the billet-container interface, which is assumed to be the ram speed, VR, and J is the mechanical equivalent of heat.

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