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By Ch'ung-yu Wang

A Metallurgical paintings in English via a chinese language writer is rare; yet lengthy place of abode in the USA, and in England and different elements of Europe, and masses learn of English literature, have familiarised me with the language, and feature inspired me to make it the medium for providing my paintings to the English-speaking public: and that i wish to convey my because of Messrs Charles Griffin & Co. for the chance they've got afforded me of doing so.

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Orthorhombic. H. = 3-4. G. = 4-75-5-0. metallic. Colour between lead-gray and iron-gray. Lustre Chanarcillite. Named from Chaiiarcillo. A silver-white ore for which Domeyko gives the formula Ag2(As, Sb)3. Corongnite. —An antimonate of lead and silver. An analysis gives:— Sb2O5 58*97 percent. PbO 21-48 Ag2O 7-82 0-52 „ . ' . . —Amorphous. H. = 2*5-3. G. = 5*05. Colour, exterior grayish yellow, interior blackish. , Peru. Dyscrasite. —A silver antimonide including Ag^Sb and AgGSb. —Orthorhombic.

E. of the neighbouring rocks. Hereafter this is denoted by E. In the following we shall take up the antimonial deposits of each country in turn. GERMANY. Ores of antimony sometimes occur in the Devonian rocks of Rhenish Prussia between Wintrop and Mentrop, four miles from Arnsberg, where are found bands of bituminous limestone from 6 inches to 18 inches in thickness, interstratified between clay wlates and siliceous shales. Stibnite penetrates all these strata, which are overlain by Millstone Grit.

Unchanged in air. Melts at 90°. Small needles. Rhombic prisms. —If powdered metallic antimony is added to a chlorate, it burns, forming SbCl5. It is colourless, and boils at 140° under the ordinary atmospheric pressure. Its specific density at 20° = 2-346. SCl4. PCl5. SeOCl2. POCl3. 3C6H6NO2. SbCl5. C5HSO.. (C2H5)2O. Ho0. 8H2O. H2O. 2NH8. 9H20. 9H2O. 4NH3. —This cannot be produced in a pure form. 2H20. 4H2O. H2O. —This is obtained by heating antimony at 130° with an excess of iodine, It is dark brown, and melts at 78°-79°.

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Antimony: Its history, chemistry, mineralogy, geology, metallurgy, uses, preparations, analysis, production, and valuation; with complete bibliographies by Ch'ung-yu Wang

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