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I will of course argue that jadal and legal theory were inseparably intertwined from the very beginning of the Islamic jurisprudential enterprise; this “dynamic symbiosis” and co-evolution is a core element of the Dialectical Forge theory, and, among other things, accounts for the inclusion of jadal-oriented chapters in early uṣūl al-fiqh works. 10 See Turkī’s introductions to al-Bājī’s Minhāj (pp. 7–11); and his Polémiques (especially at pp. 27–45 [= pp. 31–52 of the Arabic version]). Importantly, however, Turkī underscores certain phenomena which Miller either neglects or implicitly denies.

84. , vol. 1, pp. 84–5. Re: “absurdity” (iḥāla) and “absurd” (muḥāl): The term muḥāl occurs some twenty-five times in the Umm, in the same sense as we see it here, and quite often in reference to an opponent’s argument. It would be a worthwhile project to collate all occurrences, compare their contexts, and determine the consistency of its use. Does muḥāl reference a specific type of fallacy? Or is it simply a general charge of untenable consequence, subsumed by the class of reductio arguments?

The focus now is on his historical narrative. 38 He does not include al-Baṣrī’s K. al-Qiyās al-Sharʿī, nor makes reference to jadal-oriented discussions in his Muʿtamad. As for the focal sources, the earliest cited is the Princeton MS of al-Shīrāzī’s Maʿūna. We may note he depends upon ʿAbd al-Majīd Turkī’s 1978 ed. of al-Bājī’s Minhāj fī Tartīb al-Ḥijāj; G. Makdisi’s publication of Ibn ʿAqīl’s K. al-Jadal ʿalā Ṭarīqat al-Fuqahā’ in the 1967 Bulletin d’Études Orientales; and the 1979 Ḥusayn Maḥmūd ed.

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