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By B I Medovar, V Ya Saenko, G M Grigorenko, Yu M Pomarin, V I Kumysh

ISBN-10: 0585173710

ISBN-13: 9780585173719

ISBN-10: 1898326215

ISBN-13: 9781898326212

The publication describes the tactic of remelting consumable electrodes with an electrical are burning among the skin of a liquid slag tub and a consumable electrode in a water-cooled copper mildew. the tactic combines the probabilities of therapy of liquid steel with the electrical arc within the gasoline surroundings and the liquid slag and the benefits of plasma-arc and electro slag remelting. The technological probabilities, layout good points of melting platforms and result of experimental and commercial melting trials of steels and alloys are defined. as well as remelting structural steels, distinct consciousness is given to the potential for alloying the steel with nitrogen from the gasoline section, with no utilizing pricey nitrogen-bearing nonmetallic compounds, e.g. silicon nitride. it really is proven that arc slag remelting is also used successfully in generating ingots of titanium and its alloys. the consequences bought during this approach are in comparison with electro slag remelting and plasma arc remelting. info on power intake and steel caliber also are offered.

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16, is (due to the presence of a slag skin) of similar high quality as in ESR and does not require rough machining. 3 Physico-chemical processes of interaction of gases with metal in arc slag remelting As already mentioned, when using the electric arc as a heat source, metal is heated by convective heat transfer from the hot gas and by radiation. In addition, the heat is transferred to the metal as a result of electron bombardment in the anode spot and ion bombardment in the region of the cathode spot.

15 Dependence of electrode melting rate on current in ASR of steels. pool is increased from 0 to 55 mm. This is explained by the fact that as a result of the pressure of the electric arc, a meniscus forms on the surface of the slag pool and its depth depends on the composition of the slag and current intensity. With increasing arc gap as a result of separation of the droplets and formation of a depression the current intensity decreases. Correspondingly, the force of arc pressure on the slag also decreases because this parameter is linked with current intensity by the dependence where m0 is the absolute magnetic permeability, H/m, I is arc current, A.

In remelting a consumable plasma torch the form of the end may vary from convex to concave, depending on the energy parameters of melting and the flow rate of the gas. The depression is almost conical in shape. As already mentioned in Chapter 1, the ASR process may be carried out using solid-section or hollow electrodes. When using solid-section electrodes, the process of electrode melting and the shape of the electrode tip are almost identical with those in VAR. However, if ASR is carried out using hollow electrodes with the simultaneous supply of the gas through the cavity into the arcing zone, the nature of droplet transfer of metal and the shape of the electrode tip in this case are very similar to those in CPTR.

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ARC-Slag Remelting of Steel and Alloys by B I Medovar, V Ya Saenko, G M Grigorenko, Yu M Pomarin, V I Kumysh

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