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By Stephen Leon Lipscomb

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To work out gadgets that stay within the fourth size we people would have to upload a fourth measurement to our three-d imaginative and prescient. An instance of such an item that lives within the fourth measurement is a hyper-sphere or “3-sphere.” the search to visualize the elusive 3-sphere has deep historic roots: medieval poet Dante Alighieri used a 3-sphere to show his allegorical imaginative and prescient of the Christian afterlife in his Divine Comedy. In 1917, Albert Einstein visualized the universe as a 3-sphere, describing this imagery as “the position the place the reader’s mind's eye boggles. no one can think this thing.” through the years, although, knowing of the idea that of a measurement advanced. via 2003, a researcher had effectively rendered into human imaginative and prescient the constitution of a 4-web (think of an ever increasingly-dense spider’s web). during this textual content, Stephen Lipscomb takes his leading edge size concept learn a step extra, utilizing the 4-web to bare a brand new partial photograph of a 3-sphere. Illustrations aid the reader’s knowing of the math at the back of this approach. Lipscomb describes a working laptop or computer software which may produce partial photographs of a 3-sphere and indicates equipment of discerning different fourth-dimensional items that could function the foundation for destiny art.

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More generally, the class of a cyclic division algebra (a, b)ω as above has order m; we leave the verification of this fact as an exercise to the reader. Thus the class of a tensor product of degree m cyclic algebras has order dividing m in the Brauer group. 7 (Merkurjev–Suslin) Assume that k contains a primitive m-th root of unity ω. Then a central simple k-algebra whose class has order dividing m in Br (k) is Brauer equivalent to a tensor product (a1 , b1 )ω ⊗k · · · ⊗k (ai , bi )ω of cyclic algebras.

Proof To prove (1) we may assume, up to passing to a splitting field of A, that A = Mn (k). The required formulae then follow from the fact that for M ∈ Mn (k), the matrix of the multiplication-by-M map L M with respect to the standard basis of Mn (k) is the block diagonal matrix diag(M, . . , M). To check (2), note first that as a K -vector space the algebra A is isomorphic to the direct power K n . For x ∈ K we thus have NA|k (x) = (N K |k (x))n and tr A|k (x) = n tr K |k (x). By part (1) there exists an n-th root of unity ω(x) such that Nrd A (x) = ω(x)N K |k (x).

In special cases one gets even nicer presentations for cyclic algebras. One of these is when m is invertible in k, and k contains a primitive m-th root of unity ω. In this case, for a, b ∈ k × define the k-algebra (a, b)ω by the presentation (a, b)ω = x, y| x m = a, y m = b, x y = ωyx . In the case m = 2, ω = −1 one gets back the generalized quaternion algebras of the previous chapter. Another case is when k is of characteristic p > 0 and m = p. In this case for a ∈ k and b ∈ k × consider the presentation [a, b) = x, y | x p − x = a, y p = b, x y = y(x + 1) .

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