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It would be better to use nervine herbs (see relaxants) to help control symptoms such as hot flushes during treatment. Using herbs to treat Arthritis and Rheumatism 47 Gradual change It is clear that herbs are similar in action to modern chemical drugs (which are after all mostly designed on herbal models), but plants are complex and the chemicals they contain are in much smaller quantities, so they are often used differently. Persistence is usually more important than quantity – a little every day will slowly bring about change in physiological conditions.

Some herbs contain oestrogen-like compounds which appear to relieve menopausal problems such as hot flushes and diminished bone density. We can select the right sort of hormonal herb for our wholistic purpose. For example black cohosh relieves hot flushes and protects against breast-cell overgrowth, so is ideal for women who 46 Arthritis and Rheumatism have had breast cancer or have an increased risk factor for it. This herb also increases circulation and is mildly antiinflammatory, so for menopausal women with arthritis it seems ideal.

Each herb is only listed once for convenience, according to its main action. To treat arthritis and rheumatism we use antiinflammatories, cleansers, iron tonics, pain relievers, relaxing herbs, circulatory tonics, healing herbs, rubefacients, bitters and digestive tonics and hormonal agents. When you read the case histories presented later you will see how this directory can be used to pick herbs from the various categories to suit you. Directory of useful herbs 49 ANTI-INFLAMMATORY HERBS Black cohosh Celery seed Devil’s claw Feverfew Ginger Guaiac Liquorice Meadowsweet Poplar Willowbark Black cohosh Latin name Origin Part used Dose Cimicifuga racemosa America Rhizome 1 teaspoon per cup, 1-2 cups per day.

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