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The fusion of algebra, research and geometry, and their program to actual international difficulties, were dominant topics underlying arithmetic for over a century. Geometric algebras, brought and categorized via Clifford within the past due nineteenth century, have performed a fashionable function during this attempt, as noticeable within the mathematical paintings of Cartan, Brauer, Weyl, Chevelley, Atiyah, and Bott, and in functions to physics within the paintings of Pauli, Dirac and others.

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Alors : (i) Il existe une structure d 'algebre de Poisson sur H, provenant d 'une structure de Poisson canonique sur C[XI , X 2 , X 3] ; (ii) Pour cette structure de Poisson, Htois(H) s'identifie Ii l'algebre H' = C[XI , X2, X3l! (F{, F~, F~). (H), ou H designe l'hypersurface definie par F. 31 DEFORMATIONS DES SURFACES DE KLEIN Preuve. Prouvons (i). Pour P, Q E C[X1, X 2, X 3], posons {P, Q} = dP 1\ dQ 1\ dF/ dX 1 1\ dX 2 1\ dX 3, ce qui definit un crochet de Poisson dans C[X1, X 2 , X 3 ] pour lequel I'ideal (F) est un ideal de Poisson.

Xn ) by [XO, X;] = Xi+1, i = [Xi, X n - i ] = (_l)i X n , + I)-dimensional 1, ... , n - 1; i = 1, ... , k. This is a filiform Lie algebra. In the basis (Zo, Zl, ... ,Zn), where Zo = Xo + Xl, Zi = Xi, i =, ... ,n, this Lie algebra is defined by [ZO, Zi] = Zi+ll [Zi, Zn-i] i = 1, ... ,n - 2; = (_l)i Zn, i = 1, ... , k. Consider the algebraic Lie algebra Derg of all derivations of g. Clearly, the central descending sequence of g is a flag that is invariant under all derivations. As we have supposed that dimg ~ 6, it follows that Derg is solvable.

Case (2) Analogously to case (1), by using the description of DerQn given in section 1, we have adsIads2=ads2adsl. 0 Lemma 6 Let 9 be a faithful non-decomposable Lie algebra with a filiform nilradical n. Then dim 9 - dim n = 1. NILPOTENT LIE ALGEBRAS 57 Proof Let s a complementary to n subspace in 9. We suppose dim s 2: 2. ,;, (Xo, Xl, ... , X n ) is the basis of L n , (Zo, Zt, ... ,Zn) is the basis of Qn, d l and d 2 are the elements of maximal torus T of derivation of n, described in the section 1.

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