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By W Hume-Rothery

This publication provides vintage introductions to the electron thought of metals.

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The elementary chemical composition of marine organisms. Sears Foundation for Marine Research, Memoir 2. Yale University, New Haven, CT, 647 pp. CHAPTER 2 Algae and Macrophytes This group is ubiquitous in aquatic environments with distribution usually limited only by available light and nutrients. It is generally acknowledged that photosynthetic plants form the base of marine food pyramids and that highest biomass is linked to our most productive fisheries, especially biomass of unicellular algae.

4 mg Al/kg DW in roots and shoots, respectively. 7 mg Al/kg DW in shoots (Yeo and Flowers, 1977). 0 DW 3 3 Alga, Enteromorpha sp. 0 DW 6 6 Phytoplankton; organic fractions vs. 0 DW vs. 0 DW vs. 0 DW vs. 0) DW 5 a Values are in mg Al/kg dry weight (DW). , 1976; 6, as quoted in Sparling and Lowe, 1996; 7, Trefry and Presley, 1976. 2 Americium Accumulation of americium in marine vegetation is similar to that of plutonium; however, some marine plants, such as Sargassum and Fucus, selectively accumulate plutonium over americium, while others, such as Desmaidetta, Daisia, and Chondrus, accumulate americium over plutonium (Livingston and Bowen, 1976).

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