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Services Offered

Shirl offers a variety of 60-minute massage treatments, each entirely individualized and completely body-specific.

Medical massage

As HHMM’s number-one treatment, medical massage is primarily used for those who suffer from tissue damage, chronic pain, or recent injury.

sports injury repair massage

Yes, I can repair that achy shoulder without surgery. This is very specific work that changes injured tissue to pain-free funtional tissue.

preventive maintenance Massage

Just like your mechanic when you bring your car in for a tune-up, I have a checklist I go over, checking trigger points, muscle tension, and possible tendonitis or tendonosis in specific troublesome muscles. This work aids in preventing muscle sprain, strain, and/or injury.

Teaching Massage

During this massage, I teach you which muscles are short and tight and how to lengthen them (research has shown that this process is not a simple stretch) and which muscles are weak and how to change them. This approach creates balance in your body so you maintain full range of motion in your joints and don’t wear them out.

complete relaxation massage

Prepare to fall asleep as the rhythm of my hands slows your body rhythms, lowering your blood pressure and improving your immune system. Enjoy peace. my essayessay writingbest essay writing servicedo my essay for mebest essay writing service